The Active Leaders for Women Advancement in the Near East {ALWANE} is a Bahraini forum of Coalition of leaders committed to the advancement of women’s leadership by using innovative technologies and engaging young, new voices. The ALWANE Society has been established by Women Campaign International (WCI), it is a nonprofit association that enables like-minded individuals to come together to share knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all through a network of learning, knowledge and professional development especially supporting women to become economically independent via engaging a team of Bahrainis that representing public and private sector expertise, entrepreneurs, employees and students.

Our Vision

Bahraini women are seen as a fundamental pillar of the Bahraini economy.

Our Mission

To highlight the role that women can play in enhancing Bahrain economy; To ensure that Bahraini women enjoy self-determination in choosing for themselves both their careers and the level of their contribution to the economy; To strengthen those programs, laws and regulations relevant to the effective promotion of Bahraini women in various sectors of the labour market.

Our Objectives

To increase the percentage of women contributing to the labour market
To enhance the efficiency and capabilities of women to follow their chosen careers
To raise greater awareness within the wider Bahraini society of the rights and responsibilities of women so as to allow them to play a more active role in the economy
To support and encourage women to take up executive positions.