about us

"The Active Leaders for Women Advancement in the Near East {ALWANE} is a Bahraini forum of Coalition of leaders,  committed to the advancement of women's leadership by using innovative technologies and engaging young, new voices.  The ALWANE Society has been established by Women Campaign International (WCI), it is a nonprofit association that enables like-minded individuals to come together to share knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all through a network of learning, knowledge and professional development especially supporting women to become economically independent via engaging a team of Bahrainis that representing public and private sector expertise, entrepreneurs, employees and students."


Our Vision

For the Bahraini women to become a fundamental pillar of the Bahraini economy.


Our Mission

1. To highlight the role played by Bahraini women in enhancing The kingdoms economy.

2. To ensure self determination and enjoyment for the Bahraini woman in their chosen career, and the level of their contribution to the economy.

3. To strengthen programs, laws and regulations relevant to the effective promotion of Bahraini women in various sectors of the labour market.


Our Objectives

1. To increase the percentage of Bahraini woman contribution in the labour market

2. To support Bahraini woman in enhancing their capabilities to their chosen careers.

3. To raise awareness on Bahraini woman duties & responsibilities In term of participation in developing the kingdoms economy.

4. To promote Bahraini woman to take leadership roles.


Reasons to join ALWANE Society 

1. To gain knowledge from workshops, conferences and events.

2. Participation in social, economic and awareness events set in the region and worldwide

3. Conducting various social activities for the members 

4. To establish cooperation and coordination relationships with other regional societies and organisations as well as worldwide.


Benifits of joining 

1. Developing and promoting social relationships between members and our partners in Bahrain.

2. Enhancing the role of Bahraini women and their contribution to the kingdoms economy

3. Contributing in the events and social as well as awareness programs organised by ALWANE Society and our partners 

4. Increasing the relation and cooperation between the alwane Society and other similar Arab and international societies.


Massage from the president 

“  In a world dominated by men, Bahraini woman should share their voice and vision and increase their participation in the society in order to change the aspects of their limitations to the society, woman don’t only represent half of the community, they are the community, they read, learn and influence not only within the walls of their residence, but also the younger as well as the old generation, the reason I become the person I am Today is because of a woman.  Hence I encourage all Mothers, Sisters, daughters to step out of the shadows to enlighten everyone with their abilities, accomplishments as well as their achievements.  I am a proud Bahraini citizen to see how rules and laws in Bahrain share my vision of equality and support to all Bahraini citizens, as it follows our main reason to create ALWANE Society which is to establish economic independency to Bahraini woman ” 

Ammar awachi - president

ALWANE Society