Our Service

"Alwane was formed by Bahraini citizens who dedicate themselves for women empowerment and economic independency. Alwane works with volunteer students, staff and job seekers, we also partner with national organisations to increase our resources."


What we aim to accomplish:

We are dedicated:

  • To help woman be part of the society.
  • To encourage Bahraini woman to reveal their talents and interests.
  • To provide valuable work experience for students and job seekers.
  • To build self esteem and confidence.
  • To increase network and relations with members of alwane Society and other partner organisations.
  • To reduce Isolation, and help them take a step towards their goal.
  • To encourage volunteerism and promoting entrepreneurship spirit .
  • To organise events meant to promote integration, dialogue, healthy lifestyle, community spirit and a sense of belonging regardless of race, age, or heritage.
  • To promote education, Independency, culture, arts, communication, health, and reduction of poverty by providing common-sense solutions to the most in need.


What makes us unique?

Alwane Society offers services which address job needs and independency.  We use an inclusive strategy, that focuses on women empowerment, entrepreneurship, communication, innovation, social responsibility, accountability, education and self-sustaining solution driven by previous skills of clients.  Alwane also steps in further to educate, counsel, inspire and provide tools for the community development.


Our strategies to make it happen:

Focusing on education and community development has allowed individuals to surpass their potential. 

This is our secret:

Through our programs, We tend for the Bahraini citizens to increase women Initiative Network, English Support, Referrals, Volunteer and Provide Services for individuals, and organisations as well as to non-profit organisations programs.  Alwane Society is involved in women empowerment and independency .  We believe that every person deserves to have a good start in life and to become participating members of society.   we thrive to provide individual’s with the opportunity to achieve and surpass their potential, to increase their independency, and to improve their quality of life.  Barriers to achievement exist for individuals, to organizations servicing individuals.  We want to lower these barriers as much as possible ultimately we seek to eliminate them all together.


Our Capability for doing this :

Alwane is managed by a volunteer board of directors who volunteer their time and energy to support our vision. 



"We actively reach citizens in our community, students, pioneers, young woman, with an initiation to change their circumstances for better, Because we believe everybody deserves a good and healthy start in life."